Kenyan Heritage, Digital



Kenyan Heritage, Digital

Toolbox series on online resources for African Studies.

African Digital Heritage
African Digital Heritage

African Digital Heritage works to support digital documentation about Kenyan heritage online, increase access to cultural content as well as to enhance engagement with digitized content. Projects and cooperations include:

Save the Railway: a project documenting Kenya’s antique railway stations.

Nairobi Past & Present: historical photographs from the Bristol Archives compared to photos of present-day Nairobi.

Mapping and Reconstructing Mau Mau Camps around Kenya and
Emergency: Sites and Stories of the Mau Mau Conflict in cooperation with the Museum of British Colonialism.

Open Restitution Africa: an Africa-led project seeking to open up access to information on restitution of African material culture and human ancestors.

If you are interested in information about the location of Kenyan material culture worldwide, please also see the International Inventories Programme: an international research and database project investigating a collection of Kenyan objects held in cultural institutions across the globe.