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Unicode – Characters (Part 4)

Even more common than encoding in the decimal system is encoding in the hexadecimal system in Unicode. Now you may wonder why you cannot just stick to working with decimal codes. The world of computers, however, is a world of bits and bytes; it works mainly with binary numbers. Unicode in the hexadecimal system In

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Unicode – Characters (Part 3)

Once you have found, in one of the various Unicode tables, the decimal codes for the characters of different writing systems that you would like to insert into your document, you can start “typing” the characters on the computer keyboard. This only requires a few steps. Keyboard inputs in the Unicode decimal system (“Windows Alt

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Unicode – Characters (Part 2)

Creating and editing foreign-language documents is one of the tasks scientists often are engaged with. It is thus convenient, if they may enter their texts also in the original languages and use for that purpose the appropriate characters. The character codes of the Unicode standard offer the means to do so. But where, for example,

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