Open access and social media



Open access and social media
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Now that your article is published, you’d like to people to read it! Two factors can increase your readership:

1. Open access

  • Make sure that your work is accessible, rather than locked behind a paywall (even if your work is published in a prestigious journal, it can get many more downloads from an institutional repository where it is available for free, see Terras 2012 for example).
    • For guidance on open access publishing, see here.

2. Social media

  • Let people know about your work (and where to find it) via social media such as your blog, your university’s blog, your research community’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. People will download your research if you tell them about it (Terras 2012).
    • This can give a new life to work that has been published a while ago.
    • It can also radically improve the academic visibility of chapters in edited books (see Duleavy 2017).
    • Find out when is the best time to post to reach the maximum audience in your research community (see Spasojevic, Rao, Li, and Bhattacharyya 2017).