African Studies Blogs



African Studies Blogs
Picture by 200 Degrees on Pixabay

Here is a list of academic multi-author-blogs (MABs) for African Studies:

  • Africa in Words: Focus on African literatures. Edited by Kate Haines, Rebecca Jones, Katie Reid, Stephanie Santana.
  • Africa is a Country: a platform to question the media presentation of Africa. Edited by Sean Jacobs.
  • Africa at LSE: supports Africa research at the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as contributions from other scholars. Edited by Syerramia Willoughby.
  • African Arguments: contemporary African history and politics. From the Royal African Society and World Peace Foundation and part of the Guardian Africa Network.
  • The Conversation Africa: part of the Conversation Network, is also available in French language version.
  • Democracy in Africa: information and analysis on African elections and politics. Edited by SJ Cooper Knock and Nic Cheeseman.
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