Peer Review Week 2019



Peer Review Week 2019

Reviewing for academic journals takes a considerable amount of time and effort, even though it is essentially a voluntary job. However, that does not mean that your work as a reviewer goes unseen and is unaccounted for!


You can get credit for your contributions through Publons. Publons is a free platform powered by Web of Science. It was built to help reviewers keep track of their reviews, display their peer review contributions, verify that they are the ones that performed the review, and measure the impact of their work.


You can also list your peer reviews on your Open Researcher and Contributor ID record (ORCID). ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier to uniquely identify scientific and other academic authors and contributor and to enable them to get credit for all their professional activities.

If the publisher who you have reviewed for does not already collaborate with Publons and ORCID, ask them how to obtain credit for your work, especially since review activities are now also being used in researcher’s performance assessment.

Open and Author-driven Peer Review

Alternatively, you can check out Researchers.One, a non-profit peer-review publication platform featuring a novel author-driven peer review process (see here for their mission statement).

The Winnower, is a similar initiate, an open access online scholarly publishing platform that employs open post-publication peer review.

With thanks to Jasmine Wallace and Jon Tennant, et. al.