Research data repositories are infrastructures with which research data can be made accessible and reusable. The landscape of these repositories is however, quite heterogeneous.

The project, Registry of Research Data Repositories, presents these repositories in a web-based directory and provides an orientation over existing data collections.

This is to support researchers who have gathered data, if for example, requested by funding organizations or academic journals to make their data accessible: a search in can reveal suitable potential repositories for storing the research data.

But also data users, such as researchers wishing to re-use third-party data will find it useful to refer to

Additionally, funding organizations can consult the Registry when considering which repositories might house their funding recipients’ data.

Furthermore, service providers in the domain of information infrastructure, such as data centers, research centers and libraries can gauge the landscape of research data repositories.

Figure: Icons used by to display the qualities of a research data repository.

The project was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) from 2012-2015. To ensure its long-term development, it was transferred to DataCite in late 2015.