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The Specialised Information Service for African Studies has compiled suggestions and assistance for digital teaching at universities especially for the current switch to online teaching for the summer semester 2020. Suggestions welcome: A.Schumann(at)

Free Resources: Offers from commercial publishers who are providing free access to their resources in the current crisis, as well as genuine Open Access journals specific to African Studies subjects.

Audio Materials: Here you will find podcasts for digital teaching in African Studies which are academically or thematically relevant, as well as recordings of lectures, talks or radio broadcasts.

Technical Tools: See the website Digital Teaching German Studies for a list of tools to use in digital teaching (e.g. for holding web seminars).

Open Access Search Engines: Special search engines for full text open access academic articles, open access tools, as well as a preprint repository for African Studies.

Blogs: Academic multi-author-blogs (MABs) for digital teaching in African Studies.

Video Materials: Ethnographic Video Online has resources which can be incorporated into digital teaching.

More online resources for research and teaching in African Studies

"Early books in Yorùbá": Digitised early publications (1843-1879) in Yorùbá at the British Library

"An ka taa": Educational media, resources and lessons for Manding

"Educating For Black Lives": Readings and resources for anitracist education

"Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time": Online resources on the medieval Saharan region

"Commemorative Fabrics from Africa": A collection of textiles from various African countries.

"Awa: la revue de la femme noire": The digitised version of one of the earliest independent African women’s magazines

What is the Toolbox?

This is a toolbox for (early career) scholars in the field of African studies on all matters surrounding research:

The goal of the toolbox is to provide brief introductions cumulatively; inviting scholars delve deeper into topics of their interest.

Simultaneously, the toolbox tries to cover the broad spectrum of the various disciplines represented in African Studies.

In addition, the toolbox addresses scholars in Germany, as well as those based on the African continent, for example with information on research cooperation or funding opportunities between German and African institutions.

The usual limitations of liability apply. The contents of the toolbox are created with the utmost care. However, no guarantee is given for the correctness and completeness of the contents provided. Due to technical developments, some information is quickly out of date, even if it was up-to-date at the time of publication. Our offer contains links to external websites of third parties on whose content we have no influence. Further information can be found here.