VAD Toolbox

18/04/2019          Copyrigths: Publications and Research Data

11/04/2019          Research Data Management in the Humanities and Cultural Studies

21/03/2019          Research Data Management in Area Studies

04/03/2019          The NCAC National Digital Archive (The Gambia)

22/02/2019          Unicode - Characters (Part 6)

24/01/2019          Survey on research data!

17/01/2019          Unicode – Characters (Part 5)

20/12/2018          Unicode – Characters (Part 4)

13/12/2018          Unicode – Characters (Part 3)

06/12/2018          Unicode – Characters (Part 2)

29/11/2018          Unicode – Characters (Part 1)

27/09/2018          Workshop "Research Data Management" - Few places available!

13/09/2018          Is your conference family-friendly?

06/09/2018          Green Open Access or Self-Archiving Rights (Part 4)

30/08/2018          Green Open Access or Self-Archiving Rights (Part 3)

23/08/2018          Green Open Access or Self-Archiving Rights (Part 2)

16/08/2018          Green Open Access or Self-Archiving Rights (Part 1)

09/08/2018          Workshop-Programme: Research Data Management in African Studies

26/07/2018          AfricArXiv

03/05/2018          Audiovisual research data

26/04/2018          Journal Publishing Practices and Standards (JPPS)

19/04/2018          Workshop: Research data in African Studies

12/04/2018          Re3Data

05/04/2018          Transkribus

29/03/2018          Gender bias

22/03/2018          Open Library of Humanities (OLH)

15/03/2018          New copyright law in Germany

08/03/2018          Research opportunities and sexual harassment

01/03/2018          Power dynamics of global knowledge production: research collaborations

22/02/2018          Video explaining open access publishing

15/02/2018          OJS-Hosting-Service for the African Studies community based in Germany

08/02/2018          15 reasons for hosting an online journal with OJS

01/02/2018          Gender Balance Assessment Tool

25/01/2018          Checklist for starting a new journal

18/01/2018          Power dynamics of global knowledge production: citations 

11/01/2018          How do I make my online teaching resources accessible?

04/01/2018          Power dynamics of global knowledge production: publishing

What is the Toolbox?

This is a toolbox for (early career) scholars in the field of African studies on all matters surrounding research:

The goal of the toolbox is to provide brief introductions cumulatively; inviting scholars delve deeper into topics of their interest.

Simultaneously, the toolbox tries to cover the broad spectrum of the various disciplines represented in African Studies.

In addition, the toolbox addresses scholars in Germany, as well as those based on the African continent, for example with information on research cooperation or funding opportunities between German and African institutions.

The usual limitations of liability apply. The contents of the toolbox are created with the utmost care. However, no guarantee is given for the correctness and completeness of the contents provided. Due to technical developments, some information is quickly out of date, even if it was up-to-date at the time of publication. Our offer contains links to external websites of third parties on whose content we have no influence. Further information can be found here.