Open Library of Humanities

Do you know the Open Library of Humanities? 

The Open Library of Humanities (OLH) recognizes that the humanities are funded differently than the STEM sciences (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), as research in the humanities is funded to a much lesser extent by third-party funding.

Therefore, article processing charges (ACPs), which authors pay for some "golden" open access publications are not feasible in these disciplines (here is more info on "golden" and "green" open access). The OLH does not charge authors any fees because the costs are paid by an international library consortium. All publications of the OLH receive a unique identifier (a DOI name) and are permanently digitally preserved.

At the OLH, "golden" open access publications are funded through a model of library partnership subsidies (LPS). This allows the OLH to collectively fund the venue and its array of journals. Libraries can thereby support information infrastructure instead of simply purchasing journals.

The economies of scale that can be achieved in this manner are considerable. A large number of libraries and institutions worldwide already support the Open Library of Humanities, which makes for a sustainable, safe platform.

Have a look to see if your library is included!


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