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Keeping to time

Keeping to time in a conference presentation should be fairly simple but it happens in panel after panel.
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Copyrights: publications and research data

Copyrights play an important role not only for the publication of written works but also for the dissemination of research data. Harald Müller of the Copyright Alliance gives in his presentation (Workshop, Bayreuth, October 2018) some information on this topic (with friendly permission): Copyrights on Research Data, (c) Harald Müller 2018Herunterladen
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Research data management in the humanities and cultural studies

The topic of research data management is also becoming increasingly important in the humanities and cultural studies. The presentation by Lisa Klaffki (Workshop, Bayreuth, October 2018) shows the possibilities for cooperation offered by the project "Digital Research Infrastructure for the Humanities and Cultural Studies (DARIAH-DE)" (with friendly permission): Research data management with DARIAH-DE, (c)…
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Research Data Management in Area Studies

Research data management is becoming increasingly important in area studies, which include African studies. How can you practically implement such data management? The following presentation by Birte Pfeiffer (Workshop, Bayreuth, October 2018) exemplifies how the German Institute of Global and Area Studies organizes its research data management in Hamburg (with friendly permission): Research Data…
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The NCAC National Digital Archive (The Gambia)

In times of increasing importance of the Internet, the digital archiving of manuscripts, oral traditions and sound recordings is becoming ever more important in African studies. For example, the NCAC National Digital Archive of The Gambia, a Gambian-German cooperation project, has set itself the goal of digitizing the valuable collections of the National Archives in…
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Unicode – Characters (Part 6)

The ever-increasing number of additional characters meant that Unicode had to be expanded again and again. The set of characters is now divided into several levels ("planes"). The practical thing is that in this way you can arrange a certain number of additional characters on each of the now 17 levels (with a 16-bit coding…
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Survey on research data!

Funding institutions increasingly require scientists to make their research data accessible and reusable in research data repositories. However, the management of research data in African studies is just in its beginnings, and in part accompanied by uncertainties about how it should be implemented. Not least, in African studies, research data are particularly sensitive with regard…
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Unicode – Characters (Part 5)

An interactive scrolling of all previously recorded 137,374 Unicode characters, which are listed in 285 blocks and currently include 146 fonts from around the world (as of 2018), can be viewed on the website of Babelstone. (The hexadecimal encoding of the characters also runs through the scroll.) Further Search Options An approximate idea of where…
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Unicode – Characters (Part 4)

Even more common than encoding in the decimal system is encoding in the hexadecimal system in Unicode. Now you may wonder why you cannot just stick to working with decimal codes. The world of computers, however, is a world of bits and bytes; it works mainly with binary numbers. Unicode in the hexadecimal system In…
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